Monty Biggins is a Broadway ghost actor who was hired by the Ghostbusters to star in a Broadway production.


In life, Monty Biggins was known as the greatest actor of all time (and the most humble). After the Ghostbusters joined the cast and crew of "Runaway Romance," the production continued to meet resistance from the ghost of Francis Frum. They scrapped the play and went with one of Frum's scripts. They began casting for a new male lead then expanded to the dead after Frum rejected living ones. Monty Biggins became hungry for more work and tried out for Frum's play. He began consuming other Runaway Romance Try-Outs in line and quickly made his way to the front. Biggins claimed to have slimmed down since his death. As part of his method, he ate the script in order to "ingest" the character. He landed the role of a middle-aged sarcastic journalist with a heart of gold.

On opening night, the crowd loved his performance. Each time they applauded, his head became bigger and bigger. Biggins soon won the adoration of the rest of the cast and crew. Even Peter Venkman and Blintzy Jones were taken with his skills. At the end of the play, his head exploded, covering the crowd in slime. Even so, the crowd loved him. Biggins picked up a bouquet of roses and took a bow with the cast and crew.


Ghost Busted (manga)

  • Chapter 1


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