Movieland Theater is a theater located in Times Square on the corner of Broadway and W. 47th Street.


On New Years Eve 1989, a special New Years midnight showing of "Cannibal Girls" was disrupted by the manifestation of the Theatre Ghost. Theater patrons quickly cleared out of Movieland and the ghost exited soon after.


  • The theater marquee advertises "Cannibal Girls" starring Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin. This early 1973 film, was also directed by Ivan Reitman.
  • In entrance area, the movie posters for the 1975 film "They Came from Within" and 1977 film "Rabid" are posted. Both are two David Cronenberg horror movies produced by Ivan Reitman early in his career. [1]
  • The theater closed in March 1989.
  • On page nine of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #12, the Movieland Theatre makes a non-canon cameo on a Times Square ad on the right.


Ghostbusters II


  1. Eisenberg, Adam (November 1989). Ghostbusters Revisited, Cinefex magazine #40, page 30 footnote. Cinefex, USA.


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