The Mr. Chen's Antiquities Shop [1] is a curio store owned by Mr. Chen and located in Chinatown.


Mr. Chen's Antiquities Shop was one of many businesses in Chinatown extorted into paying protection money to the Jade Cobras gang. During Chinese New Year, business was slow and Chen had no money to pay the gang. The Jade Cobras were not pleased and began smashing objects in the store. Jodi Chen, Chen's daughter, promised to get them money in two hours and left to pawn The Dragon's Eyes. Gu Mo left his prison and possessed Chen. Eyepatch, leader of the gang, ran outside with Gu Mo in hot pursuit. A couple hours later, the Extreme Ghostbusters were alerted by Bellevue Hospital staff of two men with no bones. They spoke to the police officer who found them and investigated the antiquities shop. They picked up strong residual energy readings. Jody returned and became irate at the presence of strangers. Her emotions set off the Dragon's Eyes and animated a few curios in the store. Jody ran off and eventually calmed down. Michael Wu returned to the store and introduced himself. While everyone went to track down Gu Mo, Roland stayed at the store and faxed a copy of an inscription, found in Gu Mo's former prison, to Egon Spengler.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Melching, Steven (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters "Eyes of a Dragon" (First Draft April 17, 1997) (Script p. 01). Line reads: "INT. MR. CHEN'S ANTIQUITIES SHOP (CHINATOWN) - MORNING."


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