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Mr. Gambini is an ex-convict that attempts to go straight but eventually falls back into a life of crime.


In his latest attempt to go straight, Gambini opened a medium business called Crazy Gambini's. However, it didn't do too well and with no customers he began to go broke. On a Saturday morning, under the false pretenses of ghost problems, Gambini called the Ghostbusters for a free estimate. Once Ray Stantz arrived, Gambini asked if he could rent ghosts from the Containment Unit. Ray turned him down. Several days later, on Wednesday, Winston Zeddemore retraced Ray's steps after he went missing. Winston met Gambini and ended up buying a knock-off 'Roll-X' watch.


Ghost Busted (manga)

  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 5 (Mentioned by Winston)

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