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Mr. J [1] is the proprietor of a bicycle shop near the Firehouse.


After the Ghostbusters and Slimer learned the Ghostmaster placed a force field around each of them, rendering their equipment useless, they fled the Firehouse and ran to Mr. J's Bicycle Shop. Mr. J helped them out and gave them two sets of skates and two bicycles since Ecto-1 couldn't be driven around.


  • Mr. J's full surname isn't revealed. However, on the storefront, part of it can be seen as "Janopopa"


The Real Ghostbusters


  1. Ray Stantz (2009). The Real Ghostbusters - "Revenge of the Ghostmaster" (1989) (DVD ts. 06:56-06:57). Time Life Entertainment. Ray says: "Morning, Mr. J."

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