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Mrs. Dweeb is the cantankerous mother of Professor Dweeb.


On one Halloween night, Mrs. Dweeb was planted in front of her television set and ordered Professor Dweeb to answer the door for children out trick or treating. Instead, he sneaked out for hours leaving Mrs. Dweeb to constantly walk up and down the stairs to hand out candy. She was not pleased at all when a black out, caused by her son, took out her television and she missed her favorite show. Mrs. Dweeb was further amused when she saw her son being chased around by Goolem and Zugg in the South Pole.

During Slimer and Peter Venkman's rendition of "Jack & The Beanstalk," Mrs. Dweeb was the mother of the Giant. She was annoyed by the noise he would make. When Dweeb and Elizabeth were flung back into the residence by Slimer, Mrs. Dweeb grounded her son.


  • Mrs. Dweeb's favorite TV show is "Lifestyles of Rich People Who Buy Big Houses for Their Mothers." [2]



The Real Ghostbusters


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