Mrs. Millikan [1] is Ray Stantz' second grade teacher.


On the night of Winston Zeddemore's birthday, the Ghostbusters searched the city for Slimer, who had ran away. At some point, Ray decided to test out a theory of his and sat down at a fountain. He believed if enough time passed, he would encounter friends and family. Egon Spengler ran into Ray and didn't believe his theory would work. However, Mrs. Millikan drove past and recognized Ray. They waived at each other and exchanged greetings. Egon concluded one of them needed a nice, long vacation.


The Real Ghostbusters


  1. Ray Stantz (2009). The Real Ghostbusters - "Slimer, Come Home" (1986) (DVD ts. 15:21-15:24). Time Life Entertainment. Ray says: "That's Mrs. Millikan, my second-grade teacher!"

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