Not to be confused with Mr. Visitor's House'

Mrs. Roger's House was a house on 1313 Thirteenth Street [1] conjured by Wat as a trap for the Ghostbusters. [2]


The Ghostbusters were called to this house to deal with the hauntings. While Peter Venkman thought the call was another false alarm, Egon Spengler got readings right before his P.K.E. Meter went out. When Peter had an altercation with the house and ended up in the basement, all three Ghostbusters heard the name "Wat". Egon researched the name in Tobin's Spirit Guide and found Wat was a general and has a desire to rule the living world. Ray Stantz returned to the house to find the hauntings are now very apparent and meets with the other Ghostbusters. Egon leads them with his P.K.E. Meter to the back of the house in Mrs. Rogers' closet in her bedroom. They determine at that point Mrs. Rogers is Wat. As they try to leave the house, the house makes ever effort to stop them.

Towards the last room the house turns completely ectoplasmic in nature. The Ghostbusters finally get out when the possessed oven blows up. Later, it is shown that after Wat's capture, that the house was completely made of ghosts which all went back in a chest, which then exploded leaving an empty yard.



The Real Ghostbusters


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