NOW Comics Vol. 1 #1 which was the premier of the series of The Real Ghostbusters Comics series in America.


Egon Spengler

Peter Venkman

Ray Stantz

Winston Zeddemore

Captain Nemo

The Slug






The Ghostbusters succeed in trapping the ghost of Captain Nemo, only to have the trap containing him to be stolen by four mysterious people from the future named Turek, Cowan, Gard, and Bethany. The quartet keep the trap at home and send the four Ghostbusters into alternate realities. Egon is sent to a world where Gozer won and annihilated all life. Peter ends up in a world where his old high school is inhabited by werewolves and monsters. Ray ends up in a place that seems to be Earth, but the inhabitants are revealed to have tentacles and they want to go to the world of their ancestors. Winston goes to a reality where various monsters are trying to scare him. Egon sends two proton packs to Ray and Peter. Peter uses his proton pack to destroy the monster high school and Ray, who got into a misunderstanding with the tentacle people, fired a warning shot from his proton pack and offered to help them out after learning that they were a nonviolent race. Winston tells the monsters that they cannot scare him because he is a Ghostbuster and it is his job to get rid of monsters. He then goes back to the real Firehouse, where a giant slug-like creature awaits him.

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