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NY1 News was a television news station that covered the New York City area in the 2016 movie.


NY1 News aired the video the Ghostbusters took of the Electrocuted Ghost in the subway. Then, Anchor #1 interviewed Dr. Martin Heiss and asked if the video was legit. Martin laughed, and said no.

Later, after busting Mayhem at the Stonebrook Theatre, an NY1 Reporter asked why there are ghosts in New York, and Jillian answered with a non sequitir. She also asked Abby if that was all the ghosts in the theatre, which she answered yes.

NY1's Anchor #2 was at a press briefing held by Jennifer Lynch at The Mercado Hotel, where she said the Ghostbusters were frauds.

Known EmployeesEdit


  • All three NY1 News personalities were cameos by real reporters from the station.



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