The Natural History Museum (also known as American Museum of Natural History) is a museum in New York. It is one of the largest and most celebrated museums in the world


Ghostbusters: The Video GameEdit

In 1991, Ilyssa Selwyn was selected and recommended by Walter Peck to be a guest curator for a Gozerian mythology exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, set to open sometime during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. Ilyssa was working on some finishing touches the night before the opening when a cataclysmic force was unleashed. In reality, the museum was one of four places sacred to Cult of Gozer, as it housed a Mandala that focused the spirit energy to Gozer's Destructor form. The Chairman was the one that served as mandala's core, and thus was the main being behind the outbreak taking place there. Also, the Museum housed a "spirit tunnel" beneath the ground, which served as integral part of mandala.

Secondary Canon HistoryEdit

Legion Mini SeriesEdit

In 2004, the Ghostbusters were called to the museum on Winston Zeddemore's first day on the team. They dealt with several Pterosaur Ghosts in the Dinosaurs exhibit. Winston threw out several Traps and activated them at once while the others wrangled the ghosts.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of SlimeEdit

In 1954 A.D., two construction workers at the future site of the Parkview Mental Hospital discovered a shard of the Relic of Nilhe. They turned over the shard to the Natural History Museum. Several decades later, Janosz Poha became an employee at the Natural History Museum and later stole the shard for Ismael.



Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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  1. Slate Wenzel; After Museum of (Super)Natural History, Firehouse 2nd Floor Answering Machine Message 5 of 11 (2009). Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) - Firehouse (2009) (PC/PS3/Xbox 360). Terminal Reality. Slate Wenzel says: "Hello, Slate Wenzel. I was at the museum opening last night and seemed to have been possessed by a ghost from hell. Do you think you could put me in tough with her, please? Oh, thank you very much."


Secondary CanonEdit

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