Necrotic Slime [1] (also known as Ionized Necrotic Material and Ionized Necrotic Matter) [2] [3] is a caustic substance used by Britt to turn living organisms into Zombies.


The Ghostbusters discovered the presence of Necrotic Slime after blasting two Zombies. Realizing it turned things into Zombies, the team strips off their slime drenched uniforms as a precaution. Egon Spengler rigged a Zombie radar to detect the entities based on some Necrotic Slime he saved. The slime could be neutralized when a zombie is possessed by a new type of poltergeist. The true purpose was to use the Zombies' Necrotic Slime to infect Gozer's essence in a bid to steal a fraction of it. [4] Britt decided to leave some Necrotic Slime in Newark, New Jersey.


The slime turns living organisms it touches into zombies through a process known as "hastened ectoplasmic migration from a corporeal form." That is, the soul leaves the body. For an adult male, it took about two days for this process. For a stray cat, it was nearly instantaneous. Egon is able to readjust the P.K.E. Meter to detect the slime.



IDW Comics


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