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Also Known as Nether-Region
Spirit World
Nether Realm
The Other Side
Appeared in The Real Ghostbusters
Extreme Ghostbusters
Ghosts Encountered See Below

The Netherworld (also known as Nether-Region, Underworld, Ghostworld, Spirit World, Netherdimension, Nether Real, and the Other Side) is a dimension inhabited by ghosts and demons. It isn't just one world alone, it is capable of infinite configurations.


The Netherworld exists on its own dimensional plane like a sort of Limbo [1] and the size of the known universe. [2] It is full of demons, lost souls that couldn't make it to the higher realms, ghosts, and a dumping ground of sorts for all sorts of demonic creatures. [3] [4] [5]

It is said that you can only enter the Netherworld if you are a ghost and can only escape from it if you are a powerful demon. [6] In 1690, Heironymus was pulled to Netherworld when he tried to summon Arzun and Tolay to do his bidding. [7] Egon once entered the Netherworld when he started to discorporate after he got hit while busting Arzun. On two occasions, the Ghostbusters have considered banishing trapped ghosts to the Netherworld as an alternative to putting them in the Containment Unit.

Different dimensions of the Netherworld vary in appearance. For example, when Egon's body was taken over by a Possessor Demon, Peter Venkman and a news crew entered a portal to save Egon's soul, the Netherworld appeared as a rocky, pink desert with a dull, purple sky, whereas another configuration inhabited by an evil version of Slimer was a bright green void with rocky platforms and many abnormal things floating around it. The dimension occupied by the Ghostmaster is filled with file cabinets, stacks of papers, and books - a paranormal bureaucratic mess. Each has its own set of natural laws. Some do not interfere with the standard function of a Particle Thrower such as the one inhabited by Tolay while others do and require some modification such as the one formerly occupied by Al Capone. In theory, the Proton Streams could blow up the entire interdimensional structure of the space-time continuum if fired inside the Netherworld. [8]

According to the Selbert Theory, Nether Energy flows in one direction at a time. The Ghostbusters demonstrated this after they opened a cross-dimensional conduit in Gorgar's dimension. As a result, an outward flow of Nether Energy transformed Times Square into part of Gorgar's dimension. When Ray activated Strazinski's Magic Cabinet with Gorgar inside it, he set up an inward flow that reversed the effect of the outward flow. [9] Times Square was returned to normal, Gorgar was sent back to his Nether dimension, and the gateway was effectively sealed. The Ghostbusters and Slimer were tricked into taking an ectoplasmic tunnel to the Netherworld and raced in a game conducted by The Phantom from within a sealed off parabolic realm of high density ectoplasm. Thanks to the Frequency Emulator, Janine reopened the Phantom's portal and provided the guys a way home.

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