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"But who's going to clean up the place?"

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"NEW" Ghostbusters II
Release Date(s) December 26, 1990 (NES-JP)[1]
December 7, 1990 (NES-Pal)[2]
December, 1990 (GB)[3]
Publisher Hal/Activision
Developer HAL Laboratory
System(s) NES (European/Japan)

"NEW" Ghostbusters II was released for the NES and Game Boy (simply titled Ghostbusters II), developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Hal and Activision. This was contained within a black packaging (unlike the NES game's blue packaging) and the character had multiple lives before the 'Continue' screen appeared then finally the 'Game Over' screen if all continues were used.

The player chooses between the four Ghostbusters (Peter, Egon, Ray and Winston) as well as their accountant Louis. The player chooses their lead character (the one who fires the proton pack by pressing the A button) and also the secondary player who, while pressing B on the controller, releases the trap but this secondary character cannot die nor be controlled, rather the character followed the player's main character around for the entire game. Although being able to select the main and secondary characters, it does not affect gameplay, which is exactly the same no matter what combination is used. There is also a character sprite of Dana, but is unplayable and only appears briefly at the end of one level and in the closing sequence. The characters are drawn with exaggeratedly large heads, and the graphics and generally more cartoony than in the other games. The game used versions and expansions of the various songs used in the movie for each level. This game also was known by fans for not featuring the car or Statue of Liberty levels seen in the previous version and the penultimate in the gallery contained Janosz as the boss, being defeated by zapping his clones and trapping them with B until he returned to normal size. The very last "level" was a walk between velvet ropes for a screen until reaching the painting of Vigo, the final boss. The Game Boy version was released in America without the NEW label. The game also had some enemies in early levels resembling Samhain from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.


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