New Spirit Chips are health food-styled chips used by Doctor McCatheter to infect the Ghostbusters and make them allergic to ghosts. [1]


On a Thursday, McCatheter introduced himself to Louis Tully under the guise he was opening a new clinic in the neighborhood. He gave a free sample of New Spirit Chips to Louis but Peter Venkman ate them all. [2] Peter soon developed the allergy and the symptoms rapidly inflamed when a ghost was in close proximity. McCatheter declared Peter needed to leave the business and gave Louis more chips to help the others keep their strength up. Soon, the others also developed the allergy. Eventually, they forced themselves to build up an immunity by locking themselves in Janine's Apartment with Slimer. It worked and Louis and Janine Melnitz trapped the allergies right out of them.


The Real Ghostbusters


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