The Nikon SLR FE2 Camera was used by Ray Stantz during the New York City Public Library scene.


Primary CanonEdit

It was used while Peter Venkman was trying to communicate with the Library ghost. It is unclear if the Camera was successful in photographing her, however from this research done during the Library Ghost encounter helped them to figure out how to capture and store ghosts.

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW ComicsEdit

Ray used his camera to photograph Peter Venkman holding the newly discovered Poveglian Artifact. He sent copies of the photos to Egon Spengler for a translation of the faint Swedish writing under the artifact's design.

Leather CaseEdit

The Leather case (aka: Nikon FM2 FE2 FE Camera Leather Case) is also seen on Ray and is sometimes mistaken for another unknown prop.

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IDW Comics


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