The Ninja Trio were three men in ninja-like costumes who manipulated Irena Cortez into turning into a werewolf and committing crimes. Their evil plans eventually led to using Irena's shadow to resurrect a mummy known only as The Nameless One. In an attempt to tell the Nameless One that they were on his side, the three crooks only succeeded in making the mummy want to kill them, causing them to retreat. It is unknown if they are still at large or if they gave themselves up to the police after they ran away from the Nameless One.

Head NinjaEdit

The head ninja wears a red outfit in order to distinguish him from the other two ninjas, who wear bluish-black outfits.

Fat NinjaEdit

The fat ninja is obese because he's never able to go to a health care center with all the crimes they have to do.

Thin NinjaEdit

The thin ninja is slightly thinner than the head ninja.

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