Nocnitsa is the boss of Level 7: Back to the Sedgewick and guards one of the shards of the Relic of Nilhe.


Nocnitsa guards the shard of the Relic of Nilhe hidden in the Sedgewick Hotel. When Gabriel Sitter convinces the junior team to search the hotel once more, Nocnitsa sends its forces to stop them. Once back in the lobby, the team battles Nocnitsa. Its attacks vary between causing shockwaves, slashing at the team, and hurling pyrokinetic blasts. As the team blasts away at Nocnitsa, it shrinks in size. Once the team traps it, they find the shard and depart for the Firehouse. The team later fights Nocnitsa again at Parkview Psychiatric Hospital.

Manifestation PointsEdit


  • Nocnitsa is a figure in Slavic mythology. Roughly translated to "Night Hag," it is a nightmare spirit that attacks infants. In Polish, Russian, Serbian, and Slovakian it is called Nocnica. In Bulgaria, it is referred to as Gorska Makva. [1]
  • The Nightmare resembles Nocnitsa.


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