Norteby's is an established auction house located in New York.


In the 1980s, during a rare book auction, Norteby's had the Codex of Saint Theophilus and a copy of Benz and Franck's "The Ectoplasmic Gourmet" up for bid. Peter Venkman accidentally purchased the Codex for $1000 blowing the budget allotted for the Benz and Franck's. The auctioneer advised Peter and Ray Stantz to bring the Codex to the next auction and put it up for sale.


  • Norteby's was originally spelled Northeby's, likely a reference to the famous auction house Southeby's. [1]


The Real Ghostbusters


  1. Edens, Mark & Edens, Michael (June 9, 1986). "The Real Ghostbusters: The Complete Collection" (2008), Volume Two, Disc Five, "Apocalypse - - What, Now?" Script, p. 4. Time Life.



Primary CanonEdit

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