"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Oil Mine Ghost Remnants are pieces of the Campucho refined with gasoline.


The Hudson River Oil Refinery unknowingly awakened Campucho and pieces of it were included in crude oil refined into gasoline. The demonized gas was sent to several gas stations in New York. After unsuspecting drivers filled up on the gas, their vehicles were possessed and transmogrified into fearsome creatures. In the downtown area, a possessed bus drove into Battery Park and demolished the statue of John Ericsson, legendary engineer. The Ghostbusters were unable to exorcise it and were then attacked by a possessed airplane. After forcing it to crash, they linked the gas to the refinery. They also destroyed a possessed motorcycle but soon after Ecto-1 was secretly tainted with the demonized gas, as well.

The demon soon summoned all possessed vehicles back to the refinery. The Ghostbusters followed the dozens of vehicles through the Holland Tunnel and hoped to find the central locus of the demon's powers. A stream of crude oil suddenly shot up and revealed Campucho, covered in oil. It then began to draw ecto energy from the vehicles and became much stronger.[1][2] Once the ecto energy was drained, the vehicles all reverted to normal.


Kylie Griffin determined the possessed bus to be a strong emanation.[3]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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