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The Oral Cyclops was a ghost, with the sentience of a dog, spotted in Las Vegas.


During the Energy and Lightning Demon case, the Extreme Ghostbusters tried to identify the entities on the Spengler's Spirit Guide Demon Browser. The Oral Cyclops had a 67% probable match as the culprit.


The Spengler's Spirit Guide Demon Browser lists the Oral Cyclops as a Level 3 or Class 3 Quadro-Ped.

Spengler's Spirit GuideEdit

  • Classification
    • Level 3
  • Transparency
    • 3.6
  • Wave Frequency
    • 0.339
  • Description
    • Class 3 Quadro-Ped
    • Oral Cyclops
  • Comments
    • This ghost is no more intelligent than a dog and should be treated like one.
  • First Sighting
    • Las Vegas, 1986
  • 13655
  • 666
  • Evil


Extreme Ghostbusters

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