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Not to be confused with Maritime Museum.

The Palopolis Maritime Museum is museum in New York City dedicated to the exploits of the treasure hunter Max Palopolis.


Shortly after discovering a short box, belonging to Captain Jack Higgins and his crew, containing 600 gold doubloons, Max Palopolis opened a maritime museum. [1] An exhibit featured the doubloons and others featured his other discoveries and adventures around the world. Removing the treasure from its location in the ocean led to the manifestation and Captain Jack, his crew, and his ship The Stag. The Stag soon flew ashore and Jack was drawn to the doubloons at the museum. The Ghostbusters failed to stop them in their initial encounter and set up an ambush at a pirate wreck exhibit outside the museum after Palopolis refused to let them remove the doubloons without going through proper channels. A scuffle between Slimer and Captain's Bird spilled into the museum and wrecked several exhibits until they were surrounded by Captain Jack and the crew. They questioned Palopolis, who insisted he was just an employee then ran away. As Captain Jack reveled in his treasure, the Ghostbusters trapped the Stag outside. The ghosts attacked but were soundly captured.


The Real Ghostbusters

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  1. Ray Stantz (2009). The Real Ghostbusters - "Sea Fright" (1987) (DVD ts. 02:36-02:42). Time Life Entertainment. Ray says: "Palopolis has just opened a maritime museum with an exhibit of his latest find, 600 gold doubloons."



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