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Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission (usually referenced by its acronym PCOC or P-COC, pronounced "peacock") is an overseeing committee created to supervise and warn the Ghostbusters if they are causing too much damage in their ghost capturing activities and can shut down the Ghostbusters' business if not taken seriously.


In 1991, the Ghostbusters were officially bonded contractors and expanded their business. During the Thanksgiving 1991 holiday, after the Ghostbusters' busts at the Sedgewick Hotel and Times Square, city council's concern for damages caused reached its limit. They ordered Mayor Jock Mulligan to place the Ghostbusters under close supervision for a period of no less than six months. [1] The Mayor accomplished this by appointing Walter Peck, the new head of PCOC. [2] PCOC was now assigned to keep them under control and keep the Office of the Mayor in the loop. [3] Peck was forced to deal with the Ghostbusters directly rather than shut them down and forfeit his new position.

PCOC sealed off the Sedgewick Hotel from the general public after the Ghostbusters' search for Slimer was completed. However, the posted notice made an effort to include the Ghostbusters among those excluded from entering the hotel. Egon Spengler dealt with the development by tearing PCOC's notice into shreds and the team entered the hotel once more.

Secondary Canon HistoryEdit

IDW ComicsEdit

PCOC was reinstated after the "Infestation" event in order to keep the Ghostbusters in check for the good of the public and best interests of the city. A temporary office was set up in the Department of Public Safety at New York City Hall. PCOC's budget was slated to come up for review in the next quarter after summer. On March 1, 1994, a technical report was submitted and authored by Peck, D. Aykroyd, H. Ramis, and I. Reitman titled "Identification of Biometric Security Measures in relation to the Containment Unit (Storage Facility)." Part of the report outlined PCOC was unable to access the Containment Unit due to newly installed biometric security measures that only the senior staff had access to. It was concluded any attempt to override these measures could compromise the Containment Unit and lead to a catastrophic outcome.

In the fall, Peter visited Peck's office without an appointment to discuss the Ghost Smashers but left without an resolution. The Ghostbusters and Ghost Smashers were soon summoned to Peck's office to come up with a solution for the Megaspook.

The following year, PCOC forced members of Janine Melnitz's new team of Ghostbusters to sign a contract or face criminal charges. An addendum in the contract allowed the city to license and merchandise imagery connected to any new Ghostbuster approved by PCOC. There were several conditions as well that gave PCOC more scrutiny over the team. Janine's team were required to attend personal appearances and press events at PCOC's discretion and PCOC installed a liaison to coordinate and prioritize case loads. After the Ghostbusters returned, Peck called the liaison, Jack Hardemeyer, to his office and fired him. After the Tiamat incident, Jenny Moran was hired by Peck to more closely liaise between PCOC and the Ghostbusters.

Known EmployeesEdit

Primary CanonEdit

  • Walter Peck

Secondary CanonEdit

Former EmployeesEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

  • Jack Hardemeyer
    • Liaison to the New Ghostbusters



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