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Particle Thrower

Fire Positively Charged Ions
Immobilize Entities for Capture

Also Known as Proton Blaster
Proton Gun
Neutrona Wand
Plasma Blaster
Appeared in The Real Ghostbusters
Extreme Ghostbusters
Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters

The Particle Thrower [1] (also known as a Proton Blaster, Proton Gun, or Neutrona Wand) is the blaster that is connected by a hose to the Proton Pack.


The Real GhostbustersEdit

The Particle Thrower is used to fire Proton Streams at ghosts so as to hold them in place to trap them, if necessary. Proton blasters can also destroy ghosts if they can't be trapped, but they need to be at full power in order to destroy or hold onto powerful ghosts and demons. Though Proton blasters are often used to get ghosts near the Ghost Traps, they are not always needed to trap ghosts.

Over the years, there have been temporary modifications on the Particle Throwers. In order to properly disrupt the molecular density of the ion field of dreams and nightmares, created by Sandman's powerful sleep dust, the Ghostbusters adjusted the polarization setting on the Particle Throwers. [2] [3] When part of the team was buried under snow, the throwers were set to a low frequency with a wide dispersion. Once melted, Egon advised Ray not to talk because he was still partially neutronized and could possibly evaporate. [4]

During a chase of a Winged Bullfrog ghost in Ecto-1, Winston Zeddemore took aim at it. Winston's thrower was modified with a sniper scope. In order to deal with a gigantic Slimer, the Ghostbusters mounted Particle Throwers on helicopters, provided by the Mayor Lenny. They fired controlled bursts at Slimer to neutralize his excess slimic energy. The throwers were attuned to people's bioelectric fields during the Ghostbusters' stint as the Crimebusters. [5] When prompted, Ray attuned his thrower so that the particle beams simulated the spectrum of sunlight and thus, disintegrate Vampires. [6] Without the knowledge of Egon and Ray, Peter reversed the polarity on his thrower in order to defeat the Imps. However, all it did was merge the Imps into a giant demon. The throwers also proved useless against a different type of Imps after they took on powerful forms. [7] Janine later used the reversed thrower to defeat the The Deadly Three, who stole a Proton Pack. [8]

In order to deal with and damage Necksa, Peter connected a heat lamp and generator to his Particle Thrower. It was then used to emit microwave particles to fry Necksa with. However, once Necksa departed, the contraption blew up. [9] While in Boo York, the input-output chambers of the throwers were reversed and emitted streams of ghostly wisps. [10] Against Orlox, the Ghostbusters were forced to switch to full neutrona with maser assist. [11] When spiritual essence leaked out of a faulty Trap and infected many things, including the Containment Unit, the easy solution was to just blast them. [12] Rather than risk creating a hole in the hull and letting all entities go, Egon Spengler made a quick modification to this thrower that would allow him to safely remove the ill effect of the essence from the Containment Unit. The modified thrower resembled a rifle and was a success. Egon once used a thrower for a Proton Electroencephalograph to test Slimer's reactions with non-lethal Proton Streams.

The Particle Thrower had a method of last resort built in. Once the Proton Pack was armed to maximum force, the safety would be removed and then a destruct sequence could be triggered to overload the Proton Pack. The Ghostbusters were forced to use this when Jeremy proved too powerful to be stopped by conventional means. Luckily, Jeremy was convinced to undo the damage he caused and the overload was aborted.

Extreme GhostbustersEdit

In Extreme Ghostbusters, Egon and his students updated the blaster and then used the term Proton Gun. It works a bit differently as it needs an independent form of energy from a Proton Cannister to work. Much like Crossing the Streams, a method of last (and dangerous) resort could be initiated by setting the throwers to maximum pulse. [13] [14] A Surge Inhibitor was placed into the thrower to keep the power output of the Proton Stream stable, thus preventing it from inducing a surge during use and literally melting. [15] [16]

The setting of maximum dilation was used by the Extreme Ghostbusters against Le Maison as midnight approached. [17] When the team attempted to capture ghosts, which were later revealed to be component's of Piper's psychokinetic core, they changed the Injection Ratio dial to override the flux arrestor and then switched to maximum pulse. [18] When that plan failed, the polarity was reversed by firing then turning the Proton Cannister counter clockwise. The combination of reversed polarity, the override, and maximum pulse caused the Proton Packs and throwers to short out almost immediately. [19] [20]

During specific cases, the Particle Thrower was given an upgrade. When Piper's emanations were resisting the Proton Streams, Egon thought the ghosts were building up an immunity and created a Proton -Diffusion Booster. [21] Against the Harasvelg, a Diffusion Filter was added in order to cut through precipitation influenced by the entity. [22] To nullify the power of The Dragon's Eyes, the throwers were adjusted to a setting of 13.5 Gigacycles, slightly out of phase with the light waves used to generate the 15 Flaming Circles. [23] [24] Against Ravana, the team had to adjust their throwers to modulate in sync with the entity's shirting P.K.E. frequency in order for them to confine it. [25]

When faced with at least 50 Trolls, the Ghostbusters reversed the flow on the throwers. [26] The resulting stream forced the Trolls shot with it to fuse back into one entity. Against a Class 4 Feeder, the ecto-tropic particle filter has to be kicked in first then the main circuit re-calibrated. [27] To effectively defeat the Ecto-Clone's, Ray helped create the Fusion Blast Adapter. The Adapters looked like a special attachment that fits onto the tip of the gun. However, against a giant entity like S.I.D.N.E.E., they were still ineffective.


In merchandising, the Proton Gun was called a Plasma Blaster.



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