Pequod's is a famous Seattle-based coffee franchise.


A Pequod's was set ablaze by the ghost of Dante Barnes. The Ghostbusters investigated the site a few days later. Up to and including one of its barista were caught in the fire. The Ghostbusters learned the sire was renovated two or three times prior and the building used to be a club once. Trace levels of built up P.K.E. were registered.

Janine Melnitz and Tiyah Clarke met up at the Pequod's in Broadway in the Morningside Heights area. Janine wanted to tell Tiyah about a possible lead on the Ghostbusters' disappearance. Soon after, the Grendel manifested just outside the Pequod's in Duffy Square at 6 pm. Later in the summer, Ray Stantz and Jenny Moran met up at the Pequod's in Broadway for coffee. Janine met with Dana Barrett at the Pequod's on Columbus to discuss her encounter with Tiamat. Their conversation was disrupted with the manifestation of a gravitational anomaly outside on Columbus Circle.

Three months after the end of the Tiamat incident, Tiyah happened to be sitting outside the Pequod's on Saks Fifth Avenue when the Ghostbusters emerged from the Saks Fifth building with a captured ghost. Peter Venkman let the ghost go for Winston Zeddemore's benefit. Winston saved Tiyah from the ghost and got a date out of it. There is a Pequod's on East 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan near the Daily News Building. The Ghostbusters passed it after capturing the Bug-Eye Ghost.



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