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Peter Venkman, Ph.D.

Scientist, Ghostbuster


“This is almost as much fun as catching bowling balls with my teeth.”

- Dr. Peter Venkman; The Real Ghostbusters
Appeared in The Real Ghostbusters
guest on Extreme Ghostbusters
Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #1
Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #2
Played by Lorenzo Music (seasons 1-2)
Dave Coulier (Seasons 3-7 and Extreme Ghostbusters)

Dr. Peter Venkman was one of the original Ghostbusters. The Ghostbuster that most commonly wore a brown uniform with teal trim.


Primary Canon HistoryEdit

In the movies he was the leader of the Ghostbusters and much like the movie he was the attention getting member of the team.

For more information of the movie version of this character go to the movie article.

The Real GhostbustersEdit

After the fall of Gozer, Peter and the other Ghostbusters fixed up the Firehouse after it was severely damaged by the escaping ghosts and the destruction of the Containment Unit. Upon the completion of the Firehouse, the Ghostbusters adopted the green ghost who had slimed Peter (now known as Slimer) as a pet mascot. Though Peter at first wouldn't forgive the little ghost for their encounter at the hotel, he soon grew to love him like the rest of the Ghostbusters. In The Boogieman Cometh, Venkman tried to blast Slimer but Ray, Egon and Winston restrained him.

Peter's personality is more party-minded, making excuses to get out of work to either relax, or hit on women. While on the team, Peter acted as the "unofficial" leader of the Ghostbusters, usually being the last say on deciding if they would take a case. While Peter came across as lazy, he still had a background in science, and could come up with successful plans and theories when he chose to.

He was also would blackmail Egon at times to learn what he was up to and was always out to spread the word of the Ghostbusters (and himself). As a result, he was usually the butt of the Ghostbusters' pranks and always pushed to go in to dangerous missions that the others didn't want to do. Throughout the years, Peter worked with his team to recapture all the escaped ghosts and a number of new and dangerous ones that popped up around town. Peter helped capture such villains as the Boogieman, Samhain, the Grundel and many others that opposed the Ghostbusters.

Upon seeing the Ghostbusters movie after a successful bust in Hollywood, Peter claimed that the actor portraying him (Bill Murray) looked nothing like him.

His father was named Jim Venkman, an unsuccessful con artist. Jim was a lousy father and wasn't there for him, off making one scam after another. This caused a rift between him and his son. Peter often spent Christmas alone, until the capture and release of the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future softened his attitude about the holidays. While Peter does love Jim, he strongly disapproves of his father's get rich quick schemes. Another possibility for Peter's disapproving attitude is that he knows he takes after his dad in some respects and doesn't want to become him. People tend to not like being shown unpleasant truths about themselves. Peter also resents Jim not being there for his wife when she passed away. But Peter has developed a grudging acceptance of his dad and even appears to have forgiven him. However Peter is immediately wary whenever Jim shows up, as it usually means he wants to rope the Ghostbusters into his latest scam.

Changes Through the SeasonsEdit

"He misses his kitty! Well we'll just place one in here right by the castle."

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After the first two seasons of The Real Ghostbusters, many changes were made to the show to make it more appealing to younger audiences. Peter Venkman's voice was changed from Lorenzo Music to Dave Coulier. Peter's character in general changed, instead of fighting with Slimer and giving him a hard time for living at the Firehouse, Peter becomes friends with Slimer and Slimer is given a bigger role in the cartoon.


He cared about the spud in this show, much like later seasons of The Real Ghostbusters, sometimes coming off sounding like a big brother.

Extreme GhostbustersEdit

After years on the job, Peter finally stepped down as a Ghostbuster, as did Winston and Ray. Peter went to Hollywood and tried to sell an idea for another Ghostbusters movie but never got it going because he was waiting for Brad Pitt to become available to portray him. [1] [2] However, they did return years later for Egon's birthday. It seems that he has arthritis now. He also seems to have gone back to hating Slimer, as he strongly scolds him for taking a large bite out of Egon's birthday cake and stating that he never changed.

The Extreme Ghostbusters keep a statue of Peter Venkman (complete with uniform and working original Proton Pack) in the Firehouse. An interesting note is that the face is digitized out. Perhaps there is some licensing restriction in place keeping Adelaide from using the exact character designs from The Real Ghostbusters (produced by DIC), as Egon, Janine, and the other original Ghostbusters (seen in "Back in the Saddle, Part 1") have been redesigned at least slightly.

Secondary Canon HistoryEdit


Peter is the de facto leader of the Ghostbusters, but in actuality his role is more along the lines of spokesman for the group. Although, he usually is the one who chooses whether the team will take a case or not. He has the same personality as his movie counterpart, almost identical. A good-natured, low-key slacker with a hint of con artist and womanizer thrown in.

Peter is a lot smarter than he lets on, and has almost as keen a grasp on paranormal science as Egon and Ray. He admits he generally adopts the guise of an easygoing slacker because it makes it harder for opponents to second guess him. He has on occasion come up with some particularly shrewd plans.

Peter does revel in the money and glory the job sometimes brings him. In fighting the Sandman it is revealed that Peter dreams of being rich and famous, with fancy cars and winning awards and accolades. It would appear that Peter needs such accolades as a means for self-validation, as it doesn't seem like he got much validation out of his family growing up. But the well-being of his teammates and the safety of innocents still comes first.

Peter is shown to be a con artist, like his father and a bit of a womanizer. He's usually the one who tries to hit on any attractive women in their adventures. Peter honed his gift for gab working his way through college as a carnival barker on Coney Island. Unlike his father, Peter does adhere to a notably higher level of personal ethics. While Peter will always try to get the best angle for himself and his team, he never uses his gift for gab to swindle or cheat others.

Relationship to OthersEdit

Egon SpenglerEdit

"You know, we're all descendants from fish. It would be no trouble at all to flip back in time, find the fish you descended from, and stuff it into a Cuisinart." -Egon to Peter

Egon Spengler is usually indifferent to Peter's sarcasm, or points out flaws in his logic. While Peter commonly makes light of Egon's more elaborate scientific terms and social awkwardness, the two maintain a solid working relationship despite their differences in personality and scientific approach. Peter does, however, hold Egon's expertise in very high esteem.

Ray StantzEdit

Peter normally teases Ray Stantz about his childlike enthusiasm and over-excitement in the paranormal. Likewise, Ray constantly likes to tease Peter as well. Despite the jokes made towards each other, the two are old and loyal friends, and work well as team members. Like the movie and novelization of the film, Peter sometimes seemed to treat Ray like his brother and is noted for caring for him like a brother in "You Can't Teach an Old Demon New Tricks."

Winston ZeddemoreEdit

Peter and Winston Zeddemore usually fall back and hang out on the sidelines when Egon and Ray get into more of the technical speak of equipment and the paranormal. He would joke around about the other two to him. Because Winston is the only normal one in the Firehouse, he and Peter enjoy watching movies together and hanging out.

Janine MelnitzEdit

Peter and Janine Melnitz tease and make fun of each other in an almost sibling-like manner. Despite this they do like each other, even if they get on each other's nerves. Janine likes to make sure his ego doesn't get out of hand.

Louis TullyEdit

Louis Tully and Peter don't really interact much, but they seem to get along reasonably well. If Peter lets Louis hang around the Firehouse and do their finances one could assume he holds Louis' skill in high enough esteem.


Slimer and Peter had a love/hate relationship. Unlike the other Ghostbusters, Peter was not as forgiving towards Slimer (mainly because of his initial sliming by the "ugly little spud" at the hotel). However, despite his constant criticisms towards Slimer, Peter began to mellow towards the ghost after Egon's observation that perhaps Slimer's behavioral tendencies are the result of the Class 5 being a ghost that lives with people whose job it is to bust ghosts. While Peter regularly vocalized his intent to get rid of or "blast" Slimer, he was quick to defend him if Slimer was hurt on a job, and would nonchalantly give (or sneak) the green ghost snacks or a pizza. Peter will even accept help from Slimer when the situation calls for it.

His father Jim VenkmanEdit

Peter and his father Jim Venkman get along quite nicely. Peter shows a lot of care for his father and always tells him to take care of himself before they leave each other. Jim however takes advantage of his son often and the fact that he is a Ghostbuster. Because of his occupation Jim often uses the paranormal in his get rich quick schemes, like Ghost Repellers. Every time he gets in trouble with the law, Peter usually bails him out and sends him back to the farm. But Jim really does care about Peter, for example in "Cold Cash Hot Water," he covers Peter with a blanket to protect him from the avalanche.

Peter spent a lot of time alone because his father was working. It was really hard for Peter around Christmas time because he spent Christmas all by himself. This caused Peter to hate Christmas for awhile. Jim's absence has also helped Peter to become more independent than most people.

Kylie GriffinEdit

Peter likes Kylie Griffin for her take-charge attitude.

Eduardo RiveraEdit

Being of like minds, they got along great. Many times Eduardo Rivera was near Peter as Peter would show off.

Roland JacksonEdit

There was no clear interaction between Peter and Roland Jackson.

Garrett MillerEdit

It appears that Peter and Garrett Miller get along well.

Contradiction/Story ConflictsEdit

Peter's mother is suggested to be dead and that Agatha Faversham reminded him of his mother, whom he alluded to have passed away. [3] [4] [5] In the NOW comics, Peter stated his mom died when he was gone a long time and his dad raised him. [6]

However, in episodes "The Devil in the Deep" he speak of her and "Ghostbuster of the Year" Peter also makes reference to his mom present tense in the limo going to the Hearse Castle.  Possible explanations are either Jim re-marrying or that both mentions might have been meant as jokes on his part.[7]


  • Peter supposedly saw (part of) the lipsticked, "Venkman, burn in Hell!" graffiti and Bill Murray "playing" him in the episode "Take Two". He said that he doesn't look a thing like him.
  • Peter reveals to Cynthia Crawford that he fought a person named Rick in the third grade. Peter noted he was a big guy with big muscles, but the brains of a trout.[8]
  • Peter Venkman became indifferent to Christmas because his father, Jim Venkman, was always away during Christmas on business trips.[9]
  • Peter is honored in the Tri Kuppa Bro frat history book for the day he ran his underwear up the flagpole when he was still wearing them. [10]
  • Peter was weak in Economics in college. [11]
  • Peter's license plate on his Y-car is a vanity one and reads "Dr.V." [12]
  • Peter takes his suits in size 38 Long. [13]
  • Peter has an Uncle Alf. He advised Peter to open a hardware business. [14]
  • Peter spent seven years in college. [15]
  • Peter attended the Woodstock music festival. [16] [17]
  • Peter has loved trains since he was a child. He dreamed about driving a big locomotive. He studied engineering in college for two years before he discovered it had nothing to do with trains. [18]
  • Peter is a fan of Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracy. [19] [20]
  • Peter spent his time in college reading Dewey LaMort-authored westerns. [21] [22]
  • Peter once tried to cheat the ghosts of the Earp Brothers and Doc Holliday in a friendly game of Poker.[23]
  • Peter keeps his jellybeans in a box under his pillow. [24]
  • When he was in high school, Peter used to work for carnies during summers. [25]
  • Peter confesses to playing a prank on Janine the week before when she was showering by sending Slimer up the water pipe under the impression there was a doughnut in her shower cap. [26]
  • Peter watched a lot of roller derby when he was a child. [27]
  • Peter hates it when his hair is tousled and dislikes cockroaches, bats, bugs, snakes, and rats. He hated bugs since he was a child. Peter's three main fears are falling, premature burial, and being eaten. [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35]
  • Peter's favorite television show is "The Bob Newhart Show." [36] This was a nod to the voice of Peter at the time, Lorenzo Music, who produced "The Bob Newhart Show."
  • Peter flunked music in high school. [37]
  • Peter has a collection of baseball cards. [38]
  • Peter mentioned his mother twice in "The Two Faces of Slimer ." [39]
  • Peter used to be a box boy. [40]
  • Peter hates goodbyes. [41]
  • Peter has at least one filling but lost it during dessert at the Micawb Mansion. [42]
  • Peter mentions his mother while commenting on the Spider Hair Fondue served at the Micawb Mansion. [43]
  • Peter watches the television series "Moonlighting." [44]
  • Peter attended a junior high school that Alec Meredith and Lee Meredith went to.[45]
  • Peter suffers from hay fever during spring. [46]
  • Peter lost his T-Bo the Bunny lunchbox in the 6th grade. [47]
  • After a car crash during the battle against Al Capone, Peter asks his dad to borrow the car for prom and promises to get it back in one piece. [48]
  • Peter waited five years to slime Slimer. [49]
  • Peter went to South Dakota every summer as a child. [50]
  • The first time he went camping with his father, Peter learned there is nothing too big to handle in life. [51]
  • During his childhood, Peter lived in a bad neighborhood. [52]
  • While dreaming, Peter mentions he is a Scorpio. [53]
  • Peter doesn't know diddly about computers. [54]
  • Peter once watched Lawrence Tully because he owed Louis $50. [55]
  • Peter is proficient in juggling.[56]
  • An Egyptian water spirit once dragged Peter 50 feet underwater in the East River. Peter found it cute but moody. [57] [58] [59] [60]
  • Peter failed math twice in college but that didn't stop him from becoming a scientist. [61]
  • This version of Peter Venkman makes an unofficial cameo on IDW Comics' "What in Samhain Just Happened?!" one-shot issue. On page 17, he is one of the guests attending Artie Lester's Halloween gala. He was flirting with Lester's assistant, Sherri.
  • Peter appears on the RI cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #8.


Primary CanonEdit

The Real Ghostbusters


Extreme Ghostbusters

Secondary CanonEdit

NOW Comics Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II

The Real Ghostbusters Magazine


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Primary Canon

Secondary CanonEdit

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