Phantom Architectural Remnants (also known as Invisible Door) are doors that are hidden in the ethereal plane.

Realistic VersionEdit

During the Museum of (Super)Natural History Level (realistic version), Winston Zeddemore, Peter Venkman, and the Rookie are stuck in a room and radio Ray Stantz for help. After a quick analysis using the security cameras to view the room, Ray theorizes ghosts used their own dimensionally anomalous signatures to slightly wrinkle the time-space continuum. [1] The door is still there but removed from the physical plane leaving a fold in reality. [2] Through the Paragoggles, they described the fold as a glowing, purple aura. [3] Unable to wait for the anomaly to straighten out in a few hours with the absence of the ghosts' influence, [4] the team decided to use the Slime Blowers to dissipate the fold instantly. [5] The gamble worked and the door was restored to normal.

Stylized VersionEdit

According to Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

  • Category: None
  • Abilities: None

Tobin's Summary:Edit

Sometimes an architect will intend for features to appear in the final plan, but they don't make the cut. Sometimes features that are included get forgotten, and just fade away. Occasionally specters and other paranormal entities don't want to be found, so they take doorways with them to the ethereal plane. All of these phenomena can result in phantom architecture that can no longer be seen in the physical realm, but still exists parallel to all of our worldly senses.

Egon's Notes:Edit

It can be quite an exciting find to discover a door that has been "forgotten" by the physical plane for untold years. All manner of hitherto undiscovered phenomena, treasures or horrors, could lie in wait on the other side. All we have to do is apply a little green slime to bring it across.

Ray's Tips:Edit

Some dead ends are literally that: ends made by the dead. If you run out of hallway or doors and don't think you should have, give the place a look with the P.K.E. Goggles. If you see a door with those on that isn't there normally, use the Slime Blower to make it fully real again.

Supplemental DataEdit

The art page can found in the Museum, during the "Show Time" section. It is hidden inside a low bench in a room with a hidden door and red and purple paintings, just before the end of the level.


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Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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