"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Phantom Witch is a pyrokinetic ghost that terrorized a part of Queens.


The Phantom Witch was a fat, wailing spirit of a witch that was able to fly and produce an explosive, dangerous orb of green energy out of her mouth. She haunted the elevated tracks at the Sunnyside Yard in Queens. At around 6:30 am, [1] the Extreme Ghostbusters pursued the phantom. Eduardo Rivera almost got killed capturing her but Roland Jackson confined her in a Proton Stream and Kylie Griffin secured her into a Trap.


Besides her ability to fire explosive orbs of energy from her mouth (which are referred to by Eduardo as "ecto-grenades"), [2] the Phantom Witch can also fly and phase through solid matter like most ghosts.



Extreme Ghostbusters


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