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Pig Grungy [1] [2] is the matriarch of the Grungy family.


Pig Grungy is the wife of Foul Grungy and the mother of Bug Grungy and Smelly Grungy. The Grungy family bought and moved to the Firehouse and threw out the Ghostbusters' equipment, mistaking them for useless gardening tools. She later finds the Containment Unit and mistakes it for a laundry machine. She is frightened by a ghost in the Containment Unit and Foul retaliates by opening the unit and ordering the ghosts to scram. After the Ghostbusters fix everything, Pig makes Foul and Bug apologize to the Ghostbusters.


  • Pig is a parody of Marge Simpson, down to the blue hair.


The Real Ghostbusters


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