Plush Dog is from the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) in Checking Out the Library Level (realistic version).

It is suggested to be haunted by deceased children. When in close proximity to the Plush Dog, the sounds of children's voices can be heard. It is an indestructible plush toy that can be moved. It appears to also have abilities to float and move. If possessed, it is by an anchored entity.


For some reason, the Plush Toy does not scan. It is likely a Class I or Class II, depending on if it is only animated or possessed.

Manifestation PointEdit

It shows up at the door to the Juvenile Curriculum, again in the first room on the left coming in, and one more at the back of the Tree in the room.

Prima DescriptionEdit

In Prima's Official Book on the game, it is described as a "small panda bear plush toy"[1], however if you look at the toy in the right angle it is clear it has a long nose[2] (like Pluto the Dog) which is a cartoon dog design.



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  2. Image:PlushDog03.png


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