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Poltergeists are a type of creature that are most known for causing mischief. They can be minions of more powerful ghosts or entities. In general, Poltergeists are a type of ghost that enjoy causing confusion and chaos.


Poltergeists from "Slimer, Come Home"Edit

Poltergeists are mischievous spirits that are often seen in groups and are often capable of escaping sight. They are relatively harmless, but can use objects to hurt people. These types of Poltergeists become weaker as they roam farther from their point of origin, unless they have an energy source. They plague the Ghostbusters for three nights in a row until they are all devoured by their master, Ghash.

Poltergeists from "Cry Uncle"Edit

A second type of Poltergeists later plague Central Park. This type has a unique ability to remain invisible to the naked eye and rarely show themselves. [1] Ray Stantz describes them as having a childlike sense of humor and that they like to throw things. [2] The team attempts to use this case to convince Cyrus Spengler they need Egon Spengler but their efforts are in vain. Regardless, the team captures all four Poltergeists.

Other TypesEdit

There are many more types of Poltergeists, including a Type R-12 Poltergeist and a Type T-17. The R-12 is also known as a Screaming Willie. [3] The T-17 has tentacles. [4]

Method of CaptureEdit

Since Poltergeists are a kind of ghost, standard ghostbusting equipment works on them. After Ghash, having already absorbed his minions, was trapped, the Ghostbusters had to quickly dump the trap into the Containment Unit. Otherwise, the trap would have overloaded from containing too many ghosts at once.

The second type of Poltergeists can be seen with Ecto-Visors outfitted with polarized lens. The lens allow the visors to accept Poltergeist frequencies and sight the entities. Then, they can easily be zapped, trapped, and contained like any other ghost.


The Real Ghostbusters


  • Poltergeists tend to appear when someone has a lot of mental stress, and stay only until that stress is broken, or it will just go away in a couple of weeks or so.[6]
  • The word "Poltergeist" is sometimes used as just a synonym for ghost.[7]
  • Poltergeist is German for "noisy ghost." [8]


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