Pop-Up Fairy Tales is a storybook of fairy tales with pop-up art.


For a time, Slimer was enamored with a copy of Pop-Up Fairy Tales. In particular, he liked the story about a princess kidnapped by a wizard. Ray Stantz was too tired too finish and went to sleep. Slimer took the book and flew out of sleeping quarters. Slimer quietly slid down the fire pole past Winston Zeddemore on the second floor rec room. He hid from Janine Melnitz as she typed something at the front desk. Slimer settled in the basement in front of the Containment Unit and read. However, a portal opened at the staircase and the Last Dragon stumbled out. Slimer was surprised and dropped the book. After Slimer and the Ghostbusters helped the dragon and saved Janine, Ray was too amped to turn in and offered to read the Pop-Up Fairy Tales to Slimer. Slimer declined on account he said he knew the ending already, alluding to the day's events.


The Real Ghostbusters


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