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The Portable Ecto-Containment Unit [1] (also known as Portable Containment Unit) is a unit installed in Ecto-2 during the Ghostbusters trip across America.


As a more practical method of holding ghosts long term as opposed to in Traps, Egon Spengler dusted off and installed the Portable Ecto-Containment Unit aboard Ecto-2. In addition, the enhanced spirits trapped would be stored in a more stable device.


The Portable unit's design is based on the first iteration of the Containment Unit built when the Ghostbusters were founded in 1984.


IDW Comics


  1. Winston Zeddemore (2012). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Volume 1 Issue #9" (2012) (Comic p.4). Winston says: "And here I had money on you just wanting to pull this Portable ECU outta mothballs."
  2. Jenny Moran (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #2" (2016) (Comic p.5). Jenny Moran says: "Especially if you want that Portable Containment Unit to clear customs."


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