"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Possessed Clothes are garments designed by Madame Rambeau and Heel.


After Madame Rambeau came to New York City and lit up the fashion world, her clothes were harsh and punishing in style. One-of-a-kind and form fitting, these clothes were entities that literally squeezed its victims into submission to Heel. While trying the clothes on, Ray Stantz was nearly killed. Unable to use the Particle Thrower, Peter housed the clothes with water. Since it was dry clean only, the clothes were neutralized and released its grip on Ray. Janine Melnitz was surprised to see a Rambeau design among her bosses. The Ghostbusters investigated further and found ancient Sumerian hieroglyphics that translated to, "Behold the power of the Deceiver, the power of Heel." With each human enslaved by Possessed Clothing, Heel grew in power. The Ghostbusters broke the hold of the clothes by tossing beige jumpsuits to the victims. They ditched Heel's clothes and suited up.

In the second battle against Heel, the Ghostbusters were outfitted with Possessed Clothes. The clothes immediately constricted and left the Ghostbusters mostly immobilized. Peter Venkman was able to crawl to a bottle of red wine and tossed it on Heel. With Heel's grip broken and his focus on washing out the wine, the Ghostbusters overcame the Possessed Clothes and fired on Heel.


Ghost Busted (manga)

  • Chapter 6

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