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Postghost is a mail-worker ghost from ApoKERMIS Now!, a Ghostbusters RPG adventure.

The postghost has a few interesting powers like the ability to slow a person, just like the Post Office slows the mail. Slowed people have their Moves score lowered by half for the remainder of the reel.

Postghost dead letter carrier
Power 3 Slow, Terrorize, Throw Dead Letters
Ecto-presence 5

The postghost also has a sack full of dead letters- nasty little ghosts who have tiny claws and teeth (Bonus to-hit on teeth and claws +1 die). They aren't very powerful, just annoying. Unless, of course, they explode (Range max 1 hex, Damage +2 dice).

Dead Letters nasty little ghosts
Power 2 Bite, Slash, Explode
Ecto-presence 1

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