The Poveglian Artifact [1] (also known as The Poveglia Legend, The Legend, and Poveglian Relic) [2] [3] is a Viking rune on parchment paper that was heavily charged with psychokinetic energy.


As a failsafe, the key and map to the Rauoskinna were separated, hidden, and moved over the centuries. A short list of possible locations of both were written on the Poveglian Artifact. [4] The Ghostbusters were sent to Poveglia by Erland Vinter under the pretense of clearing the island of ghosts for real estate development. While in the defunct asylum, Ray Stantz picked up a double reading – a second layer of data identical to what Egon Spengler got the previous week at the United Nations Building. [5] The Plague Doctor Ghost appeared and grabbed Ray. Before the ghost could slam Ray into the ground, Ray blasted the floor. He landed in a basement and got a strong reading again. He studied the wall and found a hollow spot. He opened fire, reached inside, and found the Poveglian Artifact. Amazing by its readings, Ray realized it was saturated with P.K.E. but the ghost appeared behind him. Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore captured the ghost. Ray handed Peter the artifact and took photos with his camera to send to Egon. He noticed faint Swedish writing under the design. [6] With little options, Ray dropped the artifact into the back up Trap to contain the P.K.E. it was drenched in. [7] A few hours later, they spoke with Egon over the phone. The design on the artifact matched an illustration in one of Egon's journals related to a cold case from his college days. He confirmed Ray's readings also matched readings he took during in Sweden for his cold case years ago. [8]

While the Ghostbusters were on an impromptu bust near the Arc de Triomphe, two Unknown Soldier Ghosts tried to grab the Trap, holding the artifact, from Ray. The Ghostbusters were taken to a police station for busting in a non-approved area. Two hours later, Kaia May inspected the confiscated equipment. When the officer present turned his back, Kaia bashed a Trap over his head and knocked him out. She proceeded to take the artifact for Vinter but quickly realized each Trap was marked with gibberish she didn't understand. Kaia was forced to gamble. She opened one Trap and released the Unknown Soldier Ghosts. The ghosts, in a new transmogrified form, grabbed the correct Trap and flew out of the station. They entered the Louvre Museum. Shortly after, the museum began to "bleed" slime. The Ghostbusters discovered the ghost of Jean l'Ecorcheur had the artifact. After Lieutenant Philip Constantin tasered him, Jean fled to his original anchor point the Tuileries Garden and attempted to bond with the artifact. [9] To make matters worse, the energy field around Jean was impenetrably by Proton Streams. They witnessed him evolve into a higher spectral class. [10] Constantin proposed a simple plan. The Ghostbusters distracted Jean with a frontal assault while Constantin sneaked around him and fired the Ghost Taser at the undefended artifact above him. The artifact was destroyed and Jean was trapped. Kaia reported to Vinter. He admitted the artifact's destruction was inevitable and moved to reassess his immediate plans.


According to Ray, the P.K.E. signature is incredible and stronger than the Plague Doctor Ghost. [11] When the rune and ghost were in the same room, Ray's Giga meter registered a "88.0" reading. Even in the presence of minor ghosts, the artifact incites open aggression. [12] If fully bonded to a ghost, the artifact can aid it in evolving into a higher spectral class.


  • This particular rune is for the powerful binding of a prisoner.
  • In Ghostbusters International #3, page 18, Peter chides Ray for dropping the rune artifact, a solid object, in a Trap. Incidentally, on The Real Ghostbusters episode "Hanging By a Thread," the Ghostbusters also used a Trap to transport a solid object with paranormal properties, the Shears of Fate.
  • Ray speculated if the artifact could generate a large enough P.K.E. surge near an occupied Trap, it would result in an entity's release. [13]


IDW Comics


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