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Professor Brenner [1] is a Biology professor from New York State University who mentored Sajid.


Professor Brenner was brought by his excited student Sajid to a lab on the third floor of the Biology Department where they found it overrun with exotic plants. Brenner was attacked by a plant but managed to escape. When the Extreme Ghostbusters arrived, he informed them Sajid was still inside. During the commotion, Shanbahac hid in Brenner's lab coat pocket. Upon returning to his apartment, Brenner was attacked by Shanbahac and encased in a pod. The Ghostbusters recovered the pod and took it to the Firehouse. Once Shanbahac was trapped, Brenner was freed from its hold.


  • Professor Brenner's home phone number is 212-555-4091
  • Professor Brenner's home address is 123 Central Park West


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Sajid (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters- Seeds of Destruction (1997) (DVD ts. 00:26). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Sajid says: "Professor Brenner!"


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