This equipment is untested, and highly unstable.
- Holtzmann; Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)

The Proton Box was a prototype device to capture ghosts in the 2016 movie.


With the group's second encounter, Jillian Holtzmann brought a cart with what it is called a proton box. A grounding device was also built into the device. During the encounter the equipment was shown to be working but not strong enough to subdue the Electrocuted Ghost.


  • During filming, the prop was used but in the final version of the movie, the gun and Proton Stream were all digital. [1]
    • The prop thrower was a large LED bar. [2]
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Ray Stantz used the Proton Box instead of Erin.


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  1. fxguide "Who you gonna call? Call Illoura, MPC, SPI, & Zero VFX" 8/10/16 Line reads: "Zero VFX also got to focus on the Proton packs for another sequence when the new devices are first used in anger in the subway. On set for the subway, unlike in the Times Square sequence, the correct props were worn by the actresses but the end gun and the plasma rays were digital."
  2. fxguide "Who you gonna call? Call Illoura, MPC, SPI, & Zero VFX" 8/10/16 Line reads: "The beam was sometimes animated by hand and sometimes procedurally generated, but in both cases the beam was generated in Houdini. The prop gun was a large LED bar that had to be removed in post, but it provided the much needed contact lighting on the actresses. "Often times there’s a two-foot LED light beam attached to the barrel of the proton gun," says Brian Drewes, co-founder of Zero VFX (Boston). "Removing it was a complicated challenge, especially when there was practical ectoplasm covering it. That's where a lot of goop enhancements come to bear."."


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