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The Proton Electroencephalograph was a research tool devised by Egon Spengler to run several tests on Slimer by shooting him with a Particle Thrower set on non-lethal levels and recording reactions.


Egon ran several test shots on Slimer in his laboratory. However, it seemed in his haste of building the device, Egon might have forgotten a resistor in the circuit board. While testing a setting that should make Slimer itch, it made him ticklish. Undaunted, Egon was intrigued and believed he may have isolated a ghost's pleasure center. [1] Next, he wanted to try a setting that would stimulate Slimer's sweet tooth. [2] However, Peter Venkman interrupted the experiment and was hit by the graph's proton ray. As a result, Peter was temporarily imbued with super powers, including flight, invulnerability, and super strength. [3] Soon enough, the graph's circuit board self-destructed. Peter soon lost his powers as well. [4]



The Real Ghostbusters


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