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The Proton Grenade [1] is a modified hand grenade that emits a discharge harmful to supernatural entities.


The Proton Grenades was first used against Idulnas. It proved a suitable distraction while Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore rappelled from a helicopter to the roof of the Shandor Building. The yield on the grenade also left a large mark on the roof itself. Several weeks later, a Proton Grenade was used to blast a hold through a seemingly impenetrable green force field surrounding Fantastic Land. Winston used a second grenade to punch a hole through the field while he evacuated the hostages of the Hungry Manitou to safety outside the park. Months later, just before Christmas, Egon elected to remotely detonate nine Proton Grenades to pierce the P.K.E. barrier erected by the ghost of Staff Sergeant Adams. Winston trapped Adams and the barrier dissipated before Egon could set the grenades off. By the Day of the Dead the following year, Egon ran out of Proton Grenades. [2] During an investigation at the St. Augustine Lighthouse on August 29, led by Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, two standard Proton Grenades were brought along.

During the Proteus incident, Ray noticed the P.K.E. readings he took in the alternate Ghostbusters' dimension indicated the god had a potential susceptibility to a quantum interruption. [3] With a strong enough jolt of protonic energy, Proteus would become vulnerable enough to wrangle in Proton Streams. [4] The alternate Peter Venkman pointed out the possibility of Proteus possessing a statue again and protecting himself from such an attack. Egon presented a Proton Grenade and mused they would have to boost the yield. Over the next hour, the Egons and Rays went to work on modifications.

In the battle against Proteus, both Egons armed their Proton Grenades in sync then tossed them at Proteus. Proteus was initially amused by their feeble attempts but the blast of both grenades stunned him. All eight Ghostbusters opened fire and successfully captured him in their streams briefly.



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