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Proton Pack

To Hold Positively Charged Ions

Appeared in The Real Ghostbusters
Extreme Ghostbusters
Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters

Invented by Egon Spengler and built by Ray Stantz, the Proton Pack functioned much like in the movie counterpart. If you want to learn more on the movie version of the Proton Pack, please go here. Likewise, a hose connects the pack to the Particle Thrower.


Pre-dated both showsEdit

The Proton Packs were first used was at the Sedgewick Hotel during their first case. The Ghostbusters captured the Class 5 that would later become known as Slimer.

The Real GhostbustersEdit

During several cases, the Proton Pack was a source of power for objects, including a helicopter's ignition, [1], Egon's other inventions, such as the Ghost Bomb, [2], and others inventions like Eiffel's Control Box. [3] [4] [5] In other cases, the Proton Pack needed more power to deal with the threat at hand such as when Egon and Ray connected a pack to the generator of a power plant and used it to trap the Giant Imp Monster. [6]

The Proton Pack needed to be charged. [7] [8] The Ghostbusters also perform annual maintenance on the Proton Packs. [9] The Proton Streams emitted are harmful to humans if not properly attuned. [10] As a method of last resort, a Max Boost option can be activated that vastly strengthens the Proton Stream. However, this can only be used for 20 seconds at a time. After the halfway mark, the overload alert on the pack activates. [11]

Janine Melnitz was not a "Ghosbuster" at first, but she eventually learned how to use one and did so in a few cases. Louis Tully also used (or at least tried to use) a Proton Pack occasionally, but is not very good at aiming it and tends to accidentally misfire due to his general clumsiness or propel backwards from the force of the thrower. At one point the Proton Pack and Particle Thrower were modified to be effective against peoples' bioelectric fields as part of the new Crimebusters business.

The Proton Pack can be set to overload in several ways. A button on the upper right corner of the pack [12] [13] or via the Particle Thrower. By the Particle Thrower, it is first set to maximum force, then the safety is removed and the destruct sequence is activated. [14] As a method of last resort, the overload was almost used to kill Jeremy and his magic flute before Ragnarok commenced. Winston later used the overload function to destroy Al Capone's baseball bat.

Extreme GhostbustersEdit

In 1997, after Egon Spengler encountered Achira then Roland Jackson, Garrett Miller, and Eduardo Rivera also failed to trap her, Egon concluded she was too powerful and highly evolved to be confined by the original equipment. The Proton Pack had to be redesigned to be more powerful and control more powerful spirits. Egon increased the nuclear capacity of the Proton Packs. [15] Also, the gun itself had to be loaded with proton charges that would eject when they were empty. A spare Proton Cannister would hang from the back of the pack for such a situation. In order to correlate with the augmented proton charge, the Trap also had to be adjusted. [16]

Nuclear power remains a vital aspect of the Proton equipment. The Proton Packs and Pistol are essentially portable reactors. [17] Eduardo made a few flippant comment of "packing nukes" on their backs, including when the team visited an old nuclear bomb shelter. [18] [19] The original packs were briefly utilized by Janine against Lillith and by the original team in their first encounter with the Ecto-Clone.

The compact version of the Proton Pack is called the Proton Pistol, which Kylie Griffin used.

As a safety precaution, the Proton Packs are designed to short out when certain parameters are ignored. Such an instance occurred when the team overrode the mechanism that arrested flux, switched to maximum pulse, and reversed polarity. When the packs shorted out, it was powerful enough to throw each of the Ghostbusters a short distance.




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