The Proton Pack is an piece of equipment used in Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Portable Versions).

Upgrades are offered to research in Egon's Lab in the Firehouse.

Neutrona WandEdit

  • Ability: An unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your back that functions by concentrating protons through the Neutrona Wand; your main tool against negatively charged ectoplasmic entities.
  • Research Cost: Default
    • Research Duration: Default

Ecto WandEdit


Ecto Wand Blueprint

  • Ability: Using the Proton Pack's particle accelerator, this Neutrona Wand releases a concentrated stream of protons that fluctuates as it reaches its target. The fluctuations of the blast beam tend to cause extensive property damage.
  • Research Cost: money cost: $2000, slime cost: 375
    • Research Duration: 8 days
  • Production Cost (with Slime Spray): $1500
    • Production Duration (with Slime Spray): 2 days

Composite Particle Overload PulseEdit


Composite Particle Overload Pulse Blueprint

  • Ability: The Overload Pulse packs proton particles together into a highly dense mass of blinding energy. As soon as the pulse crosses paths with a lesser dense mass, a colossal energy reversal event occurs that results in substantial damage near and around the event.
  • Research Cost: money cost: $4000, slime cost: 750
    • Research Duration: 8 days
  • Production Cost: $750
    • Production Duration: 2 days

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