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Psi Energy Pulse (also known as Quantum Temporal Rift Event, [1] Arcing, [2] and Crossdimensional Shockwave [3]) is a Collected and Centralized Necromantic Convulsion or a large pulse of psychic energy capable of awakening sleeping spirits.


On the Thanksgiving 1991 holiday, Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn was going over the Gozer exhibit at the Natural History Museum when a pulse of blue light surged through the building. The pulse encompassed New York and began Ivo Shandor's plans. In addition to creating a high level of spiritual turbulence and paranormal activity, the pulse also placed Dr. Selwyn in a deep dream-like trance, [4] returned Gozer in its Destructor form back to the physical plane, and created a crack in the Paranormal Containment Research Tank holding Slimer. Slimer took advantage of the situation and escaped from the Tank.


Ray Stantz thinks the pulse was at least a Level 7 Collected and Centralized Necromantic Convulsion. Egon Spengler checks his measuring instruments and agrees with Ray's assessment.

After defeating Gozer, Egon refers to the pulse as a Quantum Temporal Rift Event. Dr. Selwyn doesn't understand and Ray translates the term as arcing or a large pulse of psychic energy.


  • In the third draft of the script, Ray calls it a Non-Centralized Necromantic Radiation. [5]


Ghostbusters: The Video Game


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