Pumpkin Patch Panic is an adventure for use with the Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game. It is among other things a story about Samhain.

Back SummaryEdit

It may not be the most sincere pumpkin patch in all the world, but it's certainly the scariest!

Halloween Night--when ghosts and spirits walk the earth in search of a Really Good Time. It's usually a busy night for the Ghostbusters as they get to deal with all kinds of paranomral perturbances. But this year...things are going to be different.

Now an ancient horror is rising from an unsuspecting pumpkin patch with one goal in mind--perpetual Halloween, the holiday that lasts forever! You know who to call!

Supporting CastEdit

Unless otherwise noted, the list is from pages 4 and 5.'

Dave Butcher
Skip Butcher
James Butcher
Bahkis, Prince of Goblins
Lionel Van Gauge
Julie Gracias
Davis Lester
Chip Chocolate
Samhain, Lord of Goblins

Other characters found along the way. Page numbers listed after characters name.

Li'l Green Apples (8)
Rolling Stones (11)
Mr. & Mrs. Victorian (11)
Smorgasbord Monster (12)
Lori, source downtown (15)
Goblins (25)
The Kelsey Triplets (30)

  • "Red" Jack Kelsey
  • "Killin" Jill Kelsey
  • John "Doe" Kelsey

Michelle Mayor (31)
Abnormal Crates (33)
Groggy Gruber (35)
Jimmy Lee Kurtz (35)


  • The female Ghostbuster on the cover and back image has the name tag "Jaquays".
    • Most likely the name is taken from the cover artist himself "Paul Jaquays".
  • The male Ghostbuster on the cover has the name tag "Haire".

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