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Rachel Unglighter was the daughter of the demon Koza'Rai and half-sister of Gozer.


Rachel Unglighter is the daughter of Koza'Rai, Sumerian god, and Jacqueline Unglighter, a Norwegian immigrant. In 1953, Jacqueline came to America at the age of 21. She became involved with 27 year old Felix Ashton, a volunteer at the Temple of the Divine Father, at a soup kitchen in the Lower West Side. The young and impressionable Jacqueline was manipulated by the charismatic Ashton. Ashton and other senior members of the temple selected her to bear the child of Koza'Rai. When a half-demon child was born, Jacqueline fled with her. Rachel had a seemingly normal life, unaware of her demonic powers, and became a student at Columbia University. [1]

When Koza'Rai crossed over to the physical plane and teleported the Ghostbusters to different eras in time, Rachel discovered and used her demonic powers to upgrade their equipment and gave the Ecto-1 time traveling capabilities and redubbed it the Ecto-10. She rescued each of the Ghostbusters and returned them to the present day while Winston Zeddemore protected the people of New York. On her journey, she used a cover story of being one of Egon Spengler's students. After they returned to defeat Koza'Rai, she revealed her true nature to Peter Venkman and kissed him. Together, they reconfigured the reassembled Stonehenge and created a vortex that pulled her into the Netherworld along with Koza'Rai and his demonic minions. Rachel made the ultimate sacrifice.

In Koza'Rai's home dimension, it is believed the "divine twin" of Rachel, Senta, was torn away. Two days after the Central Park battle with Koza'Rai, Rachel appeared in the Emergency Room of Mount Sinai Hospital in an amnesiac state. Egon confirmed all traces of her former supernatural self were gone. [2]


Rachel believes in what is right, as opposed to her father, who wants ghosts and demons to rule over humans. She only wanted to make up for the wrongs caused by Koza'Rai and Gozer.


Rachel was a terrestrially bound demi-god but is now a normal human female. [3]


Since Rachel is part demon, she has magical powers. Rachel has used her powers to upgrade the equipment so that there are no consequences in crossing the streams and the ghost traps can capture more powerful spirits. She also gave upgraded the Ecto-1 into the Ecto-10 with time travel abilities and can manipulate people's memories, a power she demonstrated when Ray at first didn't believe her claim that she was one of Egon's students. She appeared to be able to focus latent kinetic and psychokinetic energies. [4] After the forced separation of her supernatural being, Rachel has no powers. [5]


  • Rachel claimed she was Egon's prize student but only understood a third of what he said.
  • Rachel's Columbia University Student Card # is 60096201105435 [6]


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