Rafael Rosado was a director and storyboard artist of Extreme Ghostbusters episodes.


Rafael Rosado was born in Puerto Rico and is currently based in Columbus, Ohio. Rosado started out at Character Builders in Columbus as an assistant animator. He quickly worked his way up to become a character designer, storyboard artist and commercial director. He worked on several programs such as "Life With Louie," "Happily Ever After" and "Where in The World Is Carmen San Diego." Rosado left Character Builders in 1994, went to work for Warner Brothers Animation. He storyboarded on "Pinky and The Brain" and "Animaniacs," for which he also wrote two episodes. He was then recruited the Sony Television Animation division. He was was a Supervising Director on Extreme Ghostbusters and Producer on Men In Black: The Animated Series. After 5 years in Los Angeles, Rosado moved back to Ohio to raise his family. He continues to work on projects from Warner Brothers, The Walt Disney Company, Sony, Universal and the Cartoon Network. [1]

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Rafael Rosado directed on the following:

Rafael Rosado was a supervising director on the following:

Rafael Rosado boarded on the following:

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