Rall [1] was a very powerful animal demon that was imprisoned in a statue of himself for 3000 years. [2]


A long time ago, mankind tricked Rall and imprisoned him in a statue in his likeness. Ever since then, he was consumed with getting revenge. [3] 3000 years later, Rall's statue was found and arrived in New York. After the statue was dropped, he was freed and made all of the animals walk, talk, and do other things that only humans could do. Things got bad when a stray dog the Ghostbusters had adopted started smart-talking Slimer and stealing his food.

Rall's power eventually caused animals to wreak havoc across the city. As if his reign over the city wasn't bad enough, his animal-like senses and reflexes made it very hard to capture him. He was eventually defeated when the Ghostbusters utilized Ecto-2's loudspeaker and set it on a high frequency that disoriented Rall long enough to be trapped. After he was captured, all of the animals returned to normal and the dog, actually named Sydney, was returned with its owner.


Rall claims humans tricked and imprisoned him. Thus, he is motivated by revenge. He refers to all animals as his "children" much like how Samhain and Necksa address their minions. [4]


Rall can make animals act and behave like humans and has animal-like senses and reflexes that enabled him to avoid capture by the Ghostbusters. Unfortunately for him, he was easily trapped after a high frequency caused him great pain and made him an easy target.

After getting a P.K.E. reading at the zoo, Egon Spengler stated there was enough P.K.E. to power a small city. [5]


The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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