Raoul's Revenge Cast were fictional mystery cast members that manifested as ghosts to prompt the living to finish the last novel of Agatha Grisley.


"Raoul's Revenge" was the last, unfinished, and unpublished novel of famous mystery writer, Agatha Grisley. A couple of weeks after her death, Grisley's ghost attempted to prompt Mr. Kingsford, her lawyer, and survivors to finish her novel. The Ghostbusters were called in and helped Grisley, instead. Everyone observed various manifestations of characters, objects, and events from her novels. The primary cast of "Raoul's Revenge" manifested. Once Winston completed the manuscript, the cast dispersed.


The Real Ghostbusters


Raoul was a Frenchman with an ugly car. He loved Debbie and tried to convince her to run away with him.


Debbie was the object of many's affections. She suffered from indigestion due to bad gourmet food. Debbie ran up a high medical bill but refused to pay it and insulted her doctor's car. The doctor fatally poisoned her with cyanide in her milk.

Debbie's FianceeEdit

Debbie's fiancee is a muscle head who owned a Ferrari. He just had a tape deck installed but still had to finish his payments on the car. The fiancee seems to have owned a lot of weapons, including a bazooka.

The Gourmet ChefEdit

The Gourmet Chef worked for Debbie and was secretly in love with her. His cooking style was questionable and made Debbie sick on a routine basis. The Chef put a bomb in some dough. Agatha Grisley later took it away when Winston finished her manuscript.

The DoctorEdit

The Doctor was insulted when Debbie didn't pay the bill and insulted his car. He put cyanide in her milk, which led to Debbie's death.


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