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Ray's Occult Books is a bookstore owned and operated by Ray Stantz after the Ghostbusters were served a judicial restraining order.


Primary CanonEdit

Following the collapse of the Ghostbusters, Ray opened up an Occult book store; specializing in the bizarre, somewhat strange, and hard to find books. Peter Venkman is a frequent customer, as demonstrated by his having an account; he has been seen buying a book entitled "Magical Paths to Fortune and Power". Egon Spengler often browses the store's large collection of books for research, including an investigation conducted for Dana Barrett in 1989.

Secondary CanonEdit

Ray eventually hired someone to take over as store manager, Kylie Griffin, and he would help out on occasion when he was off duty from being a Ghostbuster. The store also became a repository of sorts for several artifacts collected during the Shandor Incident during Thanksgiving 1991. A couple years later, Kylie hired Eduardo Rivera, an alleged "functional illiterate," to run the store while she was working as a Ghostbuster. While on duty, Kylie was visited by Janine. She wanted to make sure she was alright after the attack conducted by the Draugar. There wasn't any books on the subject. Peter arrived and took Kylie with him to the Warehouse.

In December, Ray and Kylie closed up the store to conduct research on behalf of the Ghostbusters. They poured through a Tobin's Spirit Guide, the latest Spates Catalog, Spectral Almanac, Moreci Bestiary, McGee's Coopted Paganism, and the New England Grimoire in search of information on recurrent child hauntings and supernatural abductions from the last 50 years. At the start of the following year, Eduardo was the only employee on duty. A strange package arrived. While inspecting it, Eduardo had an out of body experience and met Tiamat. Ray and Kylie found Eduardo on the floor and called for an ambulance. In the following spring, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz visited Ray's Occult and met with Kylie and Eduardo. They discussed the ongoing Tiamat and Gozer case.

Known EmployeesEdit

  • Ray Stantz
    • Founder, Owner

Secondary Canon OnlyEdit

  • Kylie Griffin
    • Manager
  • Eduardo Rivera



Primary CanonEdit

Ghostbusters II

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions)

  • Mentioned on ninth message on Firehouse's answering machine after the Museum of (Super)Natural History Level

Secondary CanonEdit

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (DS)

IDW Comics


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