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The Remotely Possessed Dogs are various breeds of dogs controlled and transmogrified by The Mistress and Demi-Dog.


The Mistress broadcasted a controlling frequency into dogs in New York City in a bid to conquer that plane. Her servant, the Demi-Dog, crossed over and took control of the dogs remotely. [1] They began gathering garbage for the Demi-Dog. The Ghostbusters initially received 30 calls about dogs behaving strangely. They responded to a call and found a possessed Mastiff in the basement. Unable to exorcise a ghost from it, they bound it in the owner's dryer and took it to Egon Spengler for analysis.

Thousands of the possessed dogs gathered in the Times Square area, summoned by the Demi-Dog. After a brief skirmish with the Ghostbusters, the Demi-Dog emitted a vapor that sent the possessed dogs to attack them. They surrounded and attacked Ecto-1. By mistake, Egon learned Slimer's scream could pacify the possessed Mastiff's aggression. He and Janine Melnitz made a recording and had the team play it over Ecto's P.A. system. They backed away and cowered. Once the Demi-Dog was trapped, the dogs all reverted to normal.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Under remote control, the dogs displayed sophisticated intelligence and organization. Demi-Dog could even direct the dogs to employ group tactics. [2] They can even walk on walls and ceilings.

The possessed dog emitted high fluctuations and constantly shifting frequencies as registered on a P.K.E. Meter. [3] [4]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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